What is ICCRC?

ICCRC is the national regulatory authority designated by the government of Canada to safeguard consumers who seek and retain the services of Canadian immigration consultants.

Federal law requires that immigration consultants, in Canada or abroad, who provide Canadian immigration services for a fee, must be registered with the ICCRC and accredited as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). 

Why Use a RCIC in Canadian Immigration?

Before acquiring the services of an immigration consultant, it is important to understand the difference between a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and an unauthorized provider of immigration services. There will be numerous benefits associated with utilizing the services of a RCIC and serious risks associated with utilizing the services of these unauthorized providers. 

RCICs vs. Unauthorized Providers of Immigration Services:

Following Table explain some of the reasons why you should choose us.


Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Unauthorized Provider of Immigration Services
Accountable to ICCRC; complaints are taken seriously Yes  No – accountable to no one
Monitored by ICCRC; non-compliance is taken seriously Yes No – may operate unknown to authorities
Supported by ICCRC to enhance quality of services Yes No – not supported by anyone
Knowledgeable and informed on immigration law and Canadian immigration system Yes No – no education prerequisite on immigration issues
Proficient in English or French Yes No – may be unable to communicate properly in English or French
Required to abide by stringent ethical and professional rules that are designed to protect consumers Yes No – not subject to any ethical requirements
Possess valid Errors and Omissions Insurance for enhanced consumer protection Yes No – may not have any Errors and Omissions Insurance
Work with agents known to ICCRC Yes No – no information on their associates
Required to provide evidence of good character prior to becoming Regulated Yes No – may have committed fraudulent or illegal activities in the past

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