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Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canadian employers who have been unable to find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the job opening can hire foreign nationals either from within Canada or from outside the country under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Most of the foreign workers are hired for specific period of time but some of them who came initially as temporary workers can apply for permanent residence if the meet the requirements. Canadian Experience Class is one of those programs which provide a pathway to temporary foreign workers to acquire the permanent residence. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has categorized job positions into four labor market streams under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program:

  • High-wage positions
  • Low-wage positions
  • Caregiver program
  • Primary agricultural stream

High-wage positions

High-wage positions are those in which wages offered are at or above the provincial/territorial median wages. Management, professional, scientific, technical or skilled trade occupations are examples of high-wage positions.

Low-wage positions

High-wage positions are those in which wages offered are below the provincial/territorial median wages. General labor, food counter attendants, and sales and service personnel are examples of low wage position.

Caregiver program

This program is for those foreign nationals who are hired as caregivers to provide care to children, seniors or persons with certified medical needs. Canadian employers can higher foreign workers as caregivers under the following two categories.

  • Caring for children under 18 years of age
  • Caring for people with high medical needs


Primary agricultural stream

These positions are related to on-farm primary agriculture. General farm workers, nursery and greenhouse workers, feedlot workers and harvesting labourers come under primary agricultural stream.

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