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Family Sponsorship – Adopted Children


Under the family class sponsorship the child must be related to the sponsor either by the blood relationship or by adoption. In case of adoption the genuine consent of the parents is must require. The consent must be obtained from both the parents if they are alive. If the consent is obtained only from one parent, it should be established that the other parent has no legal rights to the child. Adoption severs the relationship of child with his/her parents that means an adopted child cannot sponsor his/her biological parents and grandparents. 

Adoption of child under the age of 18

Adoption under the age of 18 must be in the best interest of the child, if the adoption is not in the best interest of the child, the child shall not be considered a member of the family.

Adoption of child 18 years of age or older

For an adopted child to be considered as the member of the family class, the following criteria must be me:

  • a genuine child-parent relationship before the child reached the age of 18
  • the purpose of adoption must not be acquiring status or privilege in Canada
  • the adoption must be in accordance with the laws of the land where it took place

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