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The visitor visas are the most straight forward class of temporary residence visas. Visitors contribute significantly to the Canadian economy. A foreign national applying for temporary residence visa must satisfy the visa officer that his stay in Canada will be temporary and he will comply with all the restrictions imposed by the visa. Generally visitors are not allowed to study or work  in Canada on visitor visa unless authorized by the regulations.

Single-entry visitor visa

A single-entry visitor visa will be issued when the visit of foreign national is limited; when entry is for the purpose of participating in a one-time event; or when the minister has issued issued country specific instructions.

Multiple-entry visitor visa

A multiple-entry visa allows visitors to come and go from Canada, usually for six months at a time, without having to reapply. It is valid for up to 10 years, or one month before your passport expires, whichever comes first.

Transit Visa

Transit visa is generally required for travel through Canada to another country by anyone who needs a visa to enter Canada.

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